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Bondage by Tolstoy Tony
Members get two types of bondage here on TucsonTied: playful, consentual restraint for the sake of romantics that like their ties to be fun, and tight, strict, "ton-o-rope" bondage that is restraint done for restraint's sake ... the true connoisseur's bondage.
  • More Than 25,000 Bondage Photos!
  • More Than 290 Bondage Videos!
  • Featuring 65 (mostly bare-breasted) Tied Damsels!
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  • Damsels In Distress!
  • Bondage "Struggle" Vids!
  • Hogtied Damsels!
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  • Tape Gagged Damsels!
  • Cleave Gagged Damsels!
  • Crotchroped Damsels!
  • Pantyhosed Damsels!
  • Damsels In Stockings/Garter Belts!
  • Damsels In High Heels!


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